MEPCO pays particular attention to managing its logistics chain


Close links with its raw material suppliers mean it can maximise flow and fulfil its clients’ orders within three weeks.

MEPCO’s logistics platform and 800m2 storage area enable it to manage the flow of its clients efficiently. MEPCO can dispatch orders all over the world.

MEPCO offers over 1,000 products in its online catalogue. This enables it to provide a high level of sampling for its clients’ Research and Development departments. Clients can also see 2D or 3D plans to check the feasibility of their projects.

MEPCO’s teams work closely with R&D departments to find the best solutions to their technical challenges (ensuring the stability of formulas in pans, ergonomic optimization of the cup in the case, etc.).

Photo page services 2Otherwise, MEPCO can offer a customised pan service featuring your brand logo.